Bee and Wasp Removal Burwood

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Bees and wasps are harmful pests. Their sting can cause serious allergens in humans. So, if you found a bee or wasps infestation in your home, then get in touch with us. We are one of the trusted and licensed bee removal companies in Burwood. We have 2 decades of experience in the Bee and Wasp Removal Burwood industry and have served numerous clients in the area. 

Besides, our bee removal team is always available to help our clients in an effective way. We use the latest techniques and safe methods for beehive removal. Also, we do the bee relocation instead of killing them. Our team of Bee and Wasp Removal Burwood follows all the rules and regulations set by the Australian government. 

Moreover, our bee removal cost is very nominal. To get a free quotation and to book our service, reach out to us on 02 3813 8690

We Are Available To Remove All Kinds Of Bees And Wasps In Burwood

No matter which type of bee or wasps species is present in your home, our bee removalists team can get rid of them. Besides, our team of bee and wasp removal Burwood has proper knowledge of different species and treats them accordingly. Our wide range of bees and wasps removal services includes: 

  • Honey Bees: Bees are brown in colour. They are half-inch long. Besides, they have large colonies of 50,000 individuals. The honey bee bite humans when they are disturbed. Also, their bite can cause itchiness and swell on the skin. Our professionals can thoroughly remove beehives in house and from gardens. 
  • Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are one of the common bees found in Burwood. They look like bumblebees except they do not have yellow colour on their abdomen. They are known for boring into the woods. Besides, carpenter bees build their individual nests and do not like to live in colonies.
  • Bumble Bees: The bumblebee has a fuzzy, all back, and yellow abdomen. Besides, these creatures are known to create their nests in wall voids and under porches. When bumblebee stings, the itching, and redness will last for a couple of hours. So, if you need a bumble bee nest removal service, then reach out to our experts.
  • Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are one of the notorious and aggressive wasps. Besides, you need to call a professional bee exterminator immediately if you see the yellow jackets which have yellow and black striped abdomen. 
  • Paper Wasps: Paper wasps are native to eastern Australia. They are known to form small colonies. Besides, they only become aggressive when their nest is attacked. If you see wasps with black and orange abdomen and mainly black colour wasps, then call our team of bee and wasp removal Burwood to get rid of them.
  • Hornets: They are a larger species of yellowjackets. Besides, hornets have bald faces and are 3/4 inch long. The colonies of hornet wasps have 700 wasps. European wasps are large in size and are also one of the hornets. So, if you see hornet wasps or need a quick European wasp nest removal service, then do not hesitate to ring us. 

How Do We Manage Bees And Wasps?

We have a highly skilled team that uses an outstanding and safest process of bee control.  Besides, we ensure that your place is completely bee and wasp free with our treatment. Our team of bee and wasp removal Burwood follows the below-given steps for bee extraction: 

Step 1: Inspection of the beehives and nest: We carry inspection firstly to know the size of the bee infestation and which kind of species it is. Our professionals will thoroughly check the bee nest area.

Step 2: Bees and wasp control: Our professionals will later thoroughly remove the bee and wasps around using the safe technique.

Step 3: Nest Removal: Later, spraying chemical-free insecticides will eliminate the bee and wasp nest.

Step 4: Disturb And Destroy The Nest (if required): In the next step, our team will place the best solution or campfire under the nest or beehive to destroy it.

Step 5: Post Inspection: In the end, we will do a final inspection to ensure that there is no bee and wasps present in your place. 

How Do The Bees Build Their Hives And Wasps Make Their Nests?

The bees are known to construct or create their hive by chewing wax. After it becomes soft, they attach the wax to the cell of a honeycomb. Also, the texture of wax remains under control when the worker bee gets into the hive. The temperature of the hive will be 30 to 35 degrees celsius which is necessary. 

When it comes to wasps building their nest, the queen wasps play an important role. To break down the wood fibres, the queen wasps use her saliva. The wasps will continuously do this until it forms a sofa paper pulp. Later, to start building the nest, the queen wasps will fly away with a mouthful of paper pulp to the chosen building. 

We Provide Our Exceptional Same Day Bee And Wasp Removal Service In Burwood

If you have been searching for the best bee removal near me or the company that provides same-day service, then you are at the right place. With the help of our local team of bee and wasp removal Burwood, we can reach out to any location within a few hours. Also, we do not charge anything extra for offering our same-day and emergency bee and waps removal service. Besides, we do not compromise the quality of our service when we give it on short notice. So, call us today to experience our best service. 


1) How can I know the prices of your wasp removal services?

Our customer care team is available to give you a free quotation over the phone. You can call us at any time and get an accurate quote.

2) How long will it take you to get rid of bees?

Mostly it takes 2 to 3 days of treatment to completely get rid of a beehive. However, the duration depends on the size of the bee colony present in your place.

3) Is your team available on Sundays in Burwood?

Yes, our team of professionals does work on Sundays. We serve 7 days a week. So, you can get our service on any day.