Flea Control Burwood

Just Fleas Or Several Flea Infestations- Our Flea Control Burwood Effectively Removes Them 

We attend to all your emergencies and urgent care by treating your place for flea control. Our appointment booking is available Monday to Sunday, round the clock, throughout the year and allows you to quickly book us. Our flea control Burwood team attempts to accommodate all your needs with flea control, both pest and pest infestations. Moreover, with us here, bookings for emergencies and same day services are always accepted. We also have flea exterminators who are exceptionally trained in cat flea and dog flea treatments. So, delay not to call on 02 3813 8690. Also, look for other reasons why we are an efficient team. 

  • On-site flea treatment for a house with the use of eco-friendly pesticides
  • Fixed flea treatment for home but are in your budget 
  • Availability of Burwood experts for all kinds of flea pest control services
  • Well-equipped for pre-purchase inspection and control service for fleas 
  • Provide you with payment options such as card and cash acceptance
  • Reach your place at the scheduled time

Rule Out These To Identify Fleas And Their Types 

Preventing fleas from entering your home is far better than planning to get rid of them after fleas enter. Therefore, once you notice a pest and believe it is a flea, make sure to check our flea control Burwood team tips to identify them. 

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite
  • A red, swollen lump develops within an hour of a flea bite
  • A flea bite is extremely itchy and the skin around it is painful
  • Scratching the bite can damage skin and potentially leads to bacterial infection
  • Bites mostly appear around calves, feet and ankles
  • Leads to hives, body aches, dizziness, weakness, etc. 
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea
  • Fleas are tiny and wingless pests
  • They are black or dark brown in colour with a flat body
  • At the bottom of their 6 legs, they have strong claws 
  • Flea hind legs are longer than the legs in the middle and shorter than the ones in front 
  • They are capable of jumping over 12 inches. 
  • Other Facts 
  • Prefer damp and cool areas that have a lot of shade
  • Live around shrubs, tall grass, leaves and trees 
  • If animals walk by fleas, they hop onto animals 
  • Female fleas lay 2000 eggs in just 2 months
  • Most fleas feed on non-human waste but bite humans and infect them.
  • Cat Flea
  • Common parasite with a principal host as cat 
  • These are always hungry 
  • Great jumpers that also bite humans
  • Very tiny and reproduce quickly
  • Live in cat fur and their mattress, basket and box. 
  • Dog Flea
  • Dog fleas are whitish, slender, legless and eyeless
  • Laterally flat and wingless
  • In height, they are about 2.5 mm in length
  • Female dog flea lays 25 to 40 eggs per day 
  • One of the other favourite hosts of dog fleas is rabbits.
  • Human Flea
  • It is a cosmopolitan species of fleas that have a wide host spectrum
  • Eggs of human flea hatch in about 3 to 4 days
  • Feed on mammal blood and organic debris from the environment
  • A carrier of plague bacterium to humans 
  • To prevent these, shampooing and vacuuming rugs and other floor surfaces is mandatory. 

Fleas At Home. What To Do Now?

Fleas are most likely to bite if you do not take necessary measures when they come in contact with you. So, take a look here to know what those measures are that can keep fleas away from you. These are our flea control Burwood experts’ suggestions. 

  • Take antihistamines as pills 
  • Ointments and lotions can be used to avoid any kind of flea bites
  • Use anti-flea shampoo and anti-flea powder to cleanse your pet’s fur
  • Antioxidants like chamomile tea can be used if you have flea bites on your body
  • Note down to cleaning, sweeping and vacuuming your place regularly. 

The Control And Removal Program We Follow For Fleas 

We know to what extent fleas cause problems to you and your family alongside your pets. Hence, to make them disappear from your home, we do an all-around program for flea control Burwood treatment. 

  • Thorough Inspection

There are many possible threats from fleas like the plague, flu-like symptoms, pain in the chest, etc. So, to prevent this from happening, we take the very first step of inspecting your home. Later, we make a report on the details we find to customise a plan and present it for your approval. Hence, everything will be at one point to find out things like factors influencing fleas, etc.

  • Physical Control & Removal

One of the safest methods to do flea pest control is to modify the habitations of fleas and their infestation areas. So, all we do for this physical control and removal of fleas is that we eliminate places where fleas opt to live. Moreover, we also advise you to wash the pet toys and beddings once every month with boiling water. 

  • Chemical Treatments

However, if chemical treatment is needed, our licensed flea exterminators use particular chemicals to do flea removal. Those chemicals are tetramethrin, permethrin or deltamethrin. On top of this, we also use other chemicals to stop the flea eggs from maturing and kill larval forms. Therefore, it is safe to count on us for chemical flea treatments! 

Get Ready To Avail Our Same-Day Flea Control Service In Burwood- Within 24 Hours Of Booking 

Ridding your home of human fleas, cat fleas and dog fleas can be a costly and daunting endeavour. Unlike other household pests, fleas bite cats and dogs as well as humans. However, if you do not want to be in a situation where it threatens your safety, call us for same-day flea treatment. To control or get rid of fleas and their types, we do spraying for fleas besides habitat modification and chemical treatments. Moreover, to make sure we provide you with the total care flea control in the form of same-day service, we fumigate the homes too. Plus, we take bookings 24 by 7. It is also notable that our flea fumigation cost is low! 


What measures do I need to take to prepare for total care flea treatment?

Before we show up for total care flea treatment, we suggest you remove all kinds of decorative items, pet food, kid’s toys, pillows and water dishes from furniture and under beds. After this, sweep the vacuum across furniture, rugs and carpets then await our arrival. 

What is one quick and easy pro-tip to detect the presence of fleas at my Burwood home?

To see if your home has a flea issue, you need to wear white tube socks and walk across the place. This way fleas will cover the socks and are easily detectable.

What do I do if I notice signs of cat fleas?

If you notice signs of cat fleas, quickly dial for us to avail cheap flea treatment for cats. Although our cat flea treatments are cheap, they show quick and effective results.