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Hire Excellent Moth Controllers For Services In Burwood 

We are here to continue offering all the best and exceptional control services for moth pests. Here, to meet all your needs, we strive to make continuous improvements to our moth control Burwood services. In addition to this, we also improve our coverage throughout Burwood and emergency response times. We work to the highest standards of the moth pest control drive to provide only quality services. We want to keep growing and expanding ourselves in this field whilst being recognised as one of Burwoods’ leading companies. In fact, it is to be noted that our moth pest control cost is a minimum of your budget. So, give us a ring on 02 3813 8690.

Signs You Need To Know About Pantry Moths 

It is one of the facts that pantry moths are also known as grain moths, flour moths or weevil moths. Usually, pantry moths feed on cornmeal and other flour items. So, identifying them is very easy once you know the common signs for finding them in your home. And only after can you be carefree to look for a “moth control near me” company. In fact, pests such as moths are hard to spot as they hide away in your clothes or under the carpets. However, we know all the tricks and signs on how to find them in as short a time as possible like: 

  • Presence of adult moths or small caterpillars near the pantry 
  • Find food packages with webbing along with their corners
  • Damage to cereal or flour products
  • Unpleasant odours coming from packaged food
  • Sticky secretions from moths cause the grains to clump. 

Facts About Moths And Harm They Cause 

  • Skin Condition: Moths cause a skin condition known as lepidopterism that is linked to moths and butterfly caterpillars. This happens when the spiny hair of moths lodges into your skin and provokes reactions. The outcomes of moths’ spiny hair lodging into your skin lead to bumps. These bumps look similar to hives and burn for several minutes.
  • Phobia: There is a phobia known as lepidopterophobia, which means fear of butterflies and moths. This phobia can have a real effect on your mental health. Because it can cause insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms.
  • Allergies: Symptoms of allergies are common when a sensitive-skin person gets stings from moths. The reactions from stings also cause itchiness and pain for several long minutes. There are also many cases where people start noticing red bumps and itchy welts after moth attacks.
  • Poisoning: Although rare, accidental intake of moths, can lead to poisonous actions to your body. This will in turn lead to diarrhoea, vomiting and upset stomach. 

A Three-Step Program We Take up For Moth Control

As there are 2 types of moths that need control, we do both fabric moth control and food moth control services. In fact, our experts are talented in doing pest control carpet moths treatment for your home. Our moth control Burwood team also suffice your needs in case of emergencies or when you are looking for same-day service. Do you want to know what we do to do moth pest control? Then take a look and know more about our 3-step program. 

  • Moth Inspection

When moths become one of the pest issues, we offer a thorough inspection of your place to accurately identify the moth type. Although accurate identification of moths is difficult as there are many species of moths, we are highly experienced in how to identify them. So, we bring all the tools and moth detectors for effective inspection. 

  • Specific Chemical Treatment

One of the best resorts to moth control in house is to treat the place with chemicals. However, we do this specific chemical treatment when we find no positive results after non-chemical ones. In fact, this step of treating your home also includes telling you about the treatment timeline. In addition to this, you can know expected results and a few other things. Here, we ensure total transparency! 

  • Moth Prevention Advice

If you do not follow ongoing prevention tips, you cannot achieve long term moth control and removal. So, based on your property condition and rigour of moth colonies, we advise you on some tips. The tips can be like: 

  • Keeping your place clean and dry
  • Store your garments in air-tight bags
  • Keep your food storage space, clothing and carpets dry, clean and secure, etc. 

We Are Your Best Choice For Moth Control Burwood Services

Are moths in your wardrobe eating away the clothes and leaving holes in them? Then it is probably time to call our moth control Burwood team to avail of moth pest control services. Because the holes in clothes are a sign of webbing cloth moths. Besides this, we also do cabbage moth control for pantries by keeping all your needs in mind. Moreover, every expert we recruit is verified and accredited for their years of work in this industry. So, we are considered one of the moth control companies that keep our clients’ needs as the priority. This in fact shows we are the best choice for moth control in Burwood. 

  • Services By Experts Hand: Our pest controllers have all attained certificates and legal licenses from states. So, we carry out only the approved moth caterpillar control methods. Hence, this makes us the preferred providers for moth pest control problems.
  • Local Team On Your Site: We are a Burwood based team that offers various moth control services, including winter moth control. As we are one of the local teams, we assure to be at your site on the booked time slot. 
  • Emergency Form Filling Availability: As an alternative form of emergency bookings, we provide emergency form filling too. Therefore, as soon as you feel the need for moth control Burwood services, get in touch with us and avail this quick option. 
  • Saves Your Pockets: Instead of looking for pest control carpet moths service after the invasion, why not go for pre-purchase inspection and control? It saves your pockets. As carpet moths are not easy to get rid of, hire us for carpet moth extermination.  
  • Availability Of Follow-Up Treatment: Droppings of moth can contaminate your food and for that sole reason we do follow-up treatment. Because if this contaminated food is consumed, it upsets your health. Call us today, to know more about this benefit.
  • Tested And Approved Products: We use tested and approved products that are up for sales in the market. This is because we believe that approved solutions are not just safe for humans but also for pets and nature around. 


How to prevent pantry moths?

The tips one can follow to prevent pantry moths are: 

Make sure to store flour, nuts, oatmeal and baking mixes in the freezer
Repel moths using cedar, bay leaves, mint and lavender
Clean up any juice spills and food mess as soon as you find them
Inspect your grocery stockpile regularly.

What are a few common types of moths one finds in Burwood?

A few of the common moths in Burwood are the following

Common cloth moths
Pantry moths
Brown house moths
White-shouldered house moths and 
Case-making cloth moths.

How much does your moth exterminator cost if I hire one for total care moth control?

To provide all kinds of help we can, we firstly focus on providing quality moth control Burwood service. So, it directly implies that our moth exterminator cost doesn’t play a major role in offering our services. However, the price of moth control in house for any Burwood resident by our experts is low.